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at the center of a plit conversation when at half time during a football game tragedy in kansas city. >> right jon: with the football player who killed himself and then his girlfriend. you spoke of a gun culture >> right jon: and... quoted jason whitt lock a columnist from kansas city and now writes for the fox sports website who never mentioned the second amendment or gun control but talked about a gun culture which i do believe exists. it's an attitude toward guns. obviously i think any sane person believes that we ought not to have high capacity magazines and assault rifles and that there ought to be background checks. you should be in a country where 40% of the gun purchases are done without a background check, where it's so easy to circumvent the existing laws. we can tighten all that stuff up without repealing the second amendment >> jon: how do you define it very quickly? >> you know what? i'm not exactly sure what sane is, but i know a lot of what i heard in the after math is insane >> jon: what did it feel like to be in the epicenter of i guess you became the polarizing magnet in the
.c., i was leading a system where 8% of the 8th graders in the city schools were operating on grade level in mathematics when i got there. yet when i looked at the performance evaluations of the adults at the same time 98% of them were being written as doing an excellent job. you can't run an effective organization when you have that kind of a disconnect between, you know, what people are supposed to be doing and the results that we're producing for kids. now i think that without a doubt today's teacher evaluation system are broken. there's a move now to fix them. a lot of teachers are worried about the use of test scores and whether that is fair or not. i think that what we've got to do is focus on the system that does... is fair and transparent for teachers but at the same time does hold folks accountable for the academic growth we see with kids >> jon: this is interesting. from any of the conversations i have with teachers they all talk about the frustrations that they have with this idea of the test being the all mighty word. that there is a math and reading metric that is established
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)